Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inefficiency of Civic Authorities... From Pillar to Post

The heading of the post may not ring bells for most of us; as most of us regularly have to go thru the Red Tape of Bureaucracy and Apathy of Government officials. Due to the inefficiency of our Government Machinery "We The Citizens" are suffering daily even though we pay our taxes honestly. 

Most of us have already become mute Spectators so much so that now we don't bother to complain about our own rights. I'm also going thru the inefficiency of Delhi Development Authority (DDA); which is in charge of Electrifying and Maintaining Street Lights in our area. 

Here's the story: - 
  • On Feb 18, 2014 I raised complaint to DDA Street Light helpline against 50 - 60 faulty street lights in my locality. Complaint wasn't resolved in a week's time so I again spoke with officials manning the helpline. They informed that the contractor have closed the complaint stating that my locality doesn't falls under DDA jurisdiction.
  • I was advised to speak with Contractor's supervisor; he was unable to help and asked me to speak with BSES officials instead. BSES officials in turn informed that DDA has to make payment to them towards maintenance and I should approach DDA.
  • So, I called up Junior Engineer (JE) of DDA but he also couldn't offer any help and asked me to contact his superior Executive Engineer (EE). Now, this EE saheb also gave a lot of gyan about working of DDA. He informed that they have sent "Deficiency Budget" to their seniors for for approval. After approval these street lights may get be repaired. But, he also failed to give any timeline for repair of these non functional street lights.
  • No action was taken till last week of March 2014 so I approached the Citizen Group "Dwarka Forum" and they forwarded by complaint to SE- Electrical & EE- Electrical Division 5/12 on March 06, 2014. This also evoked no response and I was forced to escalate the complaint to Delhi's LG office which have a Online Grievance Redressal Portal. called "Listening Post" 
  • LG's office forwarded my complaint to SE HQ Elect of DDA still no action have been taken till date i.e. April 24, 2014.

This is typical example of running from Pillar to Post. As I have been made to approach the junior level of Government Machinery to the highest echelons of bureaucracy.... Still, no action at all... 

Wonder I live in a Metro or in a village???

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